For reasons of public interest, the State can force an owner to transfer their property to it through expropriation.

Our appraisers have the experience and expertise to support both the expropriating body and the owner forced to transfer their property in this process, which often takes place in an unharmonious context.

The chartered appraiser is a key expert in various stages of this process:

We recommend getting us involved from the start of your expropriation case so that the appraiser can master its history and subtleties and therefore advise you appropriately on the recommended approaches to properly conduct the negotiations and establish a context conducive to an agreement.

Our other services

We will support you in the dispute and pre-filing negotiation process to ensure that you are paying your taxes on a fair basis.
Avoid cost overruns. This service allows the lender and the borrower to benefit from rigorous monitoring of the progress of the costs for buildings under construction or undergoing major renovations.
Your equipment has value. GDA can appraise it!
Make sure that your building has sufficient insurance coverage to avoid finding yourself with a shortfall in the event of a major claim.
We handle several types of property assets (multi-tenant, commercial, industrial, land, institutional) for the purposes of mortgage financing, purchase, sale, liquidation, estate division, internal management, etc.
Useful to condominium syndicates, this service allows for sound contingency fund management, thereby ensuring the accumulation of the capital required for major repairs to be completed on the building in the future.
Thanks to our privileged relationships with a large number of real estate stakeholders, we can help you position your real estate project on the market.
At GDA, our team of recognized expert witnesses and qualified professionals excels in guiding and advising clients through the complexities of real estate litigation. We bring clarity and strategic insight to every case.
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