High-Level Expertise

Real estate consulting services

Our expertise and high-level real estate consulting services allow us to develop a close collaboration with our clients to allow them to reach new heights and stay ahead of the competition, all thanks to a qualified and proactive multidisciplinary team.

About GDA- Services immobiliers intégrés

GDA – Services immobiliers intégrés is a real estate consulting company on a human scale whose team enjoys solid experience and an enviable reputation in the province’s market, as well as advanced expertise in different fields of practice. The complementarity of our professionals’ strengths combined with a network of seasoned collaborators allows the firm to offer comprehensive, high-quality professional services.

Three reasons to do business with us

Impartiality, rigour, and integrity are among the core values upheld by our team.
Our experienced professionals can meet your needs, always keeping in mind the importance of quality and respect for deadlines.
Our network of collaborators allows us to offer you a full range of real estate services.

Our specialized turnkey services

Our expertise is primarily geared toward business sectors involving commercial, industrial, multi-residential, and institutional properties, as well as vacant lands.
We will support you in the dispute and pre-filing negotiation process to ensure that you are paying your taxes on a fair basis.
Avoid cost overruns. This service allows the lender and the borrower to benefit from rigorous monitoring of the progress of the costs for buildings under construction or undergoing major renovations.
Your equipment has value. GDA can appraise it!
Make sure that your building has sufficient insurance coverage to avoid finding yourself with a shortfall in the event of a major claim.
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