Our team

Our team

Pierre-François Monnier
Nathalie Bédard, C.App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 207

Maëlle Bergeron, C.App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 208

Marc-Antoine Boulet, C.App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 221

Roxanne Carrier, C.App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 229

Annie Dugré, C.App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 214

Hugo Ferland, C.App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 213

Elsa C. Rail, C.App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 205

Sara J. Rail, C.App., AACI, P.App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 210

Denis Bernard

Equipment appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 209

Simon Messier

Equipment appraiser
418-650-1459, ext. 226

Émilie Rivière

Appraiser/ B. Sc. Arch
418-650-1459, ext. 219

Véronique Bégin

Appraisal technician
418-650-1459, ext. 224

Martin Drolet

Appraisal technician
418-650-1459, ext. 215

Ève-Marie Dubé

Appraisal technician
418-650-1459, ext. 232

Valérie Dubé

Appraisal technician
418-650-1459, ext. 238

Peter Harmer

Appraisal technician
418-650-1459, ext. 239

Sophie Turcotte

Appraisal technician
418-650-1459, ext. 216

Marie-Michèle Bégin

Cost analyst
418-650-1459, ext. 223

Gabriel Melançon

Cost analyst – Consultant

David Thibault

Cost analyst
418-650-1459, ext. 222

Louis-Philippe Villeneuve
Sabrina Bilodeau
Félix Boudreault
Gabrielle Couture
Marie-Ève Desbiens
Christophe Giacometti
Pierre-André Goyette
Amélie Picard
Philippe Noël-Duperron
Sophie Bouffard

Adminstrative coordinator
418-650-1459, ext. 201

Julie Potvin-Turcotte

Adminstrative assistant
418-650-1459, ext. 233

Hanta Rakotomandimby

Adminstrative assistant
418-650-1459, ext. 240

Sylvie Robitaille

Adminstrative assistant
418-650-1459, ext. 217

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Steve Gilbert, C.App.

President, Associate

Since October 2013, Steve Gilbert has been managing a real estate consulting firm that he founded with partners in Quebec City. In the previous two years he was vice-president of acquisitions for F.P.I. Cominar and, consequently, responsible for the acquisition of buildings for all of Canada. Steve also served as General Manager of the Altus Group office in Quebec City for 23 years.

A graduate of Laval University, he has been a member of the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec (É.A.) since 1991. Over the years, he has acquired a solid background in commercial real estate and real estate valuation in the Quebec City area. His valuation expertise is recognized in Québec City in the multi-residential, industrial, office and commercial real estate markets. Its scope of activities is diverse, but primarily focused on valuations for financing, asset performance analysis, investment, portfolio value and market value. Steve is very active in the real estate community in the Quebec City area by getting involved in a number of areas.

Louis Deschênes, C.App.

Vice-president, Associate

A forestry engineer by training, Louis Deschênes began his career in the field of evaluation with the Altus Group in 2006, while completing his university training in administration, focusing on urban and real estate management, at Université Laval. Its first years were marked by the production of appraisal reports for all kinds of properties and buildings of a more specific nature. Starting in 2011, his role as a producer was put in perspective to ensure a transition to the training of evaluators trainees, in addition to dedicating part of his time to business development and the solicitation of a targeted clientele.

In October 2013, he co-founded Gilbert, Deschênes et Associés, an assessment and advisory firm based in Quebec City that specializes in a variety of cutting-edge assessment areas, including expropriation, property tax management, cost control, contingency funds, and litigation and market research. In 2015, Louis was introduced to the field of municipal taxation and discovered a passion that grew over the months. The ties forged with many law firms and word of mouth quickly led to a large influx of property tax management cases in which Louis was designated as a landowner’s representative or witness–expert in court cases. Although commercial buildings, industrial buildings and office buildings still remain the properties most often dealt with in his mandates in municipal taxation, Louis has also been involved in more specific building files, or unique, such as a hospital, airport or aluminum plant. In 2018, he co-founded the evaluation and consulting firm GDA Montréal. He also manages his Québec City office.

Frédérick Bélanger, C.App.


After working for five years in property management, it was in 2006 that Frédérick Bélanger repositioned his professional career by joining the team of certified appraisers at Servitech Services-Conseils. The diversity of mandates involving commercial, industrial or multi-residential buildings, which are submitted to him from the beginning in the organization, leads him quickly to develop his versatility and his ability to successfully complete mandates of a complex nature.

In 2012, he became a partner at Servitech Services-Conseils. In addition to the management of the company, he focused his practice more on expropriation, where he acted as an expert witness before the Tribunal on land valuation, pension fund studies and insurance values for condominiums.

The opportunity to bring together the complementary strengths of the Servitech Services-Conseils and Gilbert, Deschênes et Associés teams came in 2016 and finally came to fruition in 2017 when Gilbert, Deschênes et Associés acquired Servitech Services-Conseils. Frédérick continued to act as a certified appraiser by continuing his specializations in expropriation, pension fund study and insurance value. The name of the company will then be changed in 2018 to GDA Québec. Finally, in 2020, three years after joining his new family, Frédérick joined the partnership again.