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Municipal taxation

Our expertise in municipal assessment review aims to determine the real value of your property so that you can pay your fair share of property taxes, all of which can lead to significant savings.

Municipal assessment review

Our chartered appraisers guide you step by step, giving you relevant information to increase your understanding of laws concerning land taxes, revision procedures and contesting your municipal assessment.

Visit of the property.

Familiarization with the municipal assessment file.
Analysis of the financial rental parameters (if applicable).
Analysis of the market data.

Estimate of the actual value that should be brought to the municipal assessment roll.

Filing of an application for legal review in the event of a discrepancy between our results and the current municipal value.
Delivery of our analyses and negotiation with the municipal assessors to arrive at a satisfactory settlement.
In the event of status quo from the City, recommendations to the client on whether one or more requests for summary judgment should be filed with the Tribunal administratif du Québec.

Example of a real case

Is the municipal assessment of your property too high?
Here is a typical case.

Appealing to the Tribunal administratif du Québec

Do you believe it is legitimate to dispute your overly high or non-compliant municipal assessment?
GDA Québec professionals have solid experience as expert witnesses at the Tribunal administratif du Québec, the Court of Québec, and the Superior Court. 

Calculate the amount that you could potentially save

Is it worth the trouble to dispute your commercial municipal assessment?

Our certified assessors will tell you. Request your consultation here!

Team - Municipal Taxation

Steve Gilbert, C. App.

President, Associate GDA Québec

Louis Deschênes, C. App.

Vice-president, Associate GDA Québec

Maëlle Bergeron, C. App.
Fabrice de Laleu, C. App.

Chartered appraiser
418-650-1459, poste 229

Pierre-François Monnier

GDA Québec’s expertise

Founded in 2013 by Steve Gilbert, C. App. and Louis Deschênes, C. App., GDA Québec is a firm of assessors/consultants offering a range of services specializing in real estate. Whether it’s municipal taxation, expropriation, market studies, equipment assessment, contingency funds, etc., our assessment professionals rigorously support our clients from a wide variety of industries and fields. The senior partners of GDA Québec, Steve Gilbert and Louis Deschênes, are members of the Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec (OEAQ) and have worked at both private and public organizations in leadership and senior management roles. Their understanding of the different real estate sectors and the credibility that they have built over the years with their loyal clients make them influential leaders in the Quebec real estate market.

Other specialty services

Property appraisal
We deal with all types of real estate assets for the purposes of mortgage financing, purchase, sale, liquidation, distribution of assets, etc.
Equipment assessment
Did you know that it is possible to finance the equipment required for the proper functioning of your business?
Market study
Backed by privileged relationships with a large number of real estate stakeholders, we can help you position your real estate project on the market.
Feasibility study
In connection with market trends, our team of experts can help you measure the economic profitability of your real estate project.
Cost containment
This service allows the lender and the borrower to benefit from a rigorous monitoring of the evolution of the costs for buildings under construction or during major renovations.
Ensure that your building has sufficient insurance coverage to avoid ending up with a shortfall in the event of a major claim.
The role of our team is to establish indemnity, which is the value of the expropriated property and the compensation for the prejudice resulting from the expropriation.
Due diligence
In a property acquisition process, this is a prevention tool that lets you know the building down to the smallest detail (physical condition, finances, rental, etc.).
Contingency fund
Useful for condo syndicates, this service allows for sound management of the contingency fund, thus ensuring the accumulation of the necessary capital for major repairs.
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